3 Days Tour in Chernobyl

Great Photographic tour tailored for 3 days.

One Day Group Tour to Chernobyl

Cheapest Chernobyl Tour Deal. No big buses !

2 Days Tour in Chernobyl

36 hours in Chernobyl. Best Valued Tour Available !

Private 1 Day in Chernobyl

Tailored 1-day tour in Chernobyl ! Group Deals.

Fly Over Kyiv & Chernobyl

Amazing views over Kyiv or Chernobyl Zone !

Tank Ride

Ride & learn to drive a Tank !

Shooting Range - BADASS 100 shots

Spray bullets at the Shooting Range with 100 shots

Shooting Range - HERO 50 shots

Initial pack with 50 bullets and 5 different guns

Stalin Defense Line

Explore artillery bunkers from World War II

Missile Forces Base

The only nuclear silo available for visitors.

Propaganda Radio

Visiting the inside of a Reactor

Ever wondered how is the inside of a Nuclear Power Plant ?
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Tour Reviews

George Buckmeyer

Missile Forces Base

Amazing facilities and exhibition, however sad to imagine how ideology could have wiped the planet.

Chad Tolan

Private 1 Day in Chernobyl

We were a group of 4 and the time spent at the zone turned our trip and photos into the best experience. Thanks Sergey for all the knowledge !