3 Days Tour in Chernobyl

Great Photographic tour tailored for 3 days.

Day Group Tour to Chernobyl

Everyday you can visit Chernobyl. Small Groups and all included.

2 Days Tour in Chernobyl

Private or Small Group, Door to Door, All Inclusive.

Private 1 Day in Chernobyl

Tailored 1-day tour in Chernobyl ! Group Deals.

Fly Over Kyiv & Chernobyl

Amazing views over Kyiv or Chernobyl Zone !

Tank Ride

Ride & learn to drive a Tank !

Shooting Range - BADASS 100 shots

100 shots on rifles, pistols and classic gaming guns

Shooting Range - HERO 50 shots

50 shots on 5 guns: AK, M4, MP, Glock, Shotgun

Stalin Defense Line

Explore artillery bunkers from World War II

Missile Forces Base

The only nuclear silo available for visitors.

Propaganda Radio

Visiting the inside of a Reactor

Ever wondered how is the inside of a Nuclear Power Plant ?
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Latest Reviews

Wojcech Broda

Day Group Tour to Chernobyl

Great toure guide with fluent english having great historical and technical knowledge about all facilities in Czarnobyl Exclusion Zone. Competetive pricing!

George Buckmeyer

Missile Forces Base

Amazing facilities and exhibition, however sad to imagine how ideology could have wiped the planet.