Cancellations and Refunds

All tours except Chernobyl, Nuclear Silo, YAK-52 flight, can be fully cancelled as long as informed 24 hours before and during commercial hours 10AM-8PM.

Chernobyl tours will be requested a 35% payment that it’s non-refundable and 72 hours before a full payment might be requested, if you change your mind after that you won’t receive any refund.


Flying YAK has a 50USD cancellation fee.

Missile Base has a 50% cancellation fee

Shooting Range, WW2 bunkers has free cancellation.


In case you faced any type of problems during your trip, contact us immediately and we will handle it quickly and try to agree on some solution.

Eventual situations like delays at the Chernobyl Border Control, mechanical problems with vehicles and last minute force major due to weather or laws can’t be refunded, unless a trip didn’t happen at all.

Bad weather, Chernobyl control delays, and mechanical issues can be difficult to predict and sometimes outside of anyone’s control. With that said, we ask you to understandand if a trip is canceled you will get a refund + a discount on second activity or re-booking.