Chernobyl and Limitations

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone it’s an area controlled by the government and many rules applies to it.

We offer different tour types, the private groups and special tours are completely controlled and registered by us. The group tours are most of the time organized together with other companies that we trust and believe they dispose of good guides and prices.

The rules inside the zone are applied by government and both us, guides and our partners has no control over their decision. However safe, officially you can’t enter buildings, walk on the forest and should always be together with the group. Our guides will ask and explain the situation, to firstly guarantee safety and a trouble free excursion. After that if everything is ok, he will go beyond the formalities to bring you into buildings and areas technically forbidden.

That’s why we ask you to follow the guide instructions once at the zone, he is an official person in Chernobyl and it’s responsible for the group. Any of your acts can cause problems for him and for us.

Once you book a trip to Chernobyl, you have to understand that we pay all the registration fees (company, guide, yours and the car), hire an official guide and organize the transportation. Chernobyl administration has the right of cancelling it at any time, what we don’t want but you that’s the non-refundable part of the business.

Just book a tour if you are sure you understand it and you want to go, otherwise we end with a debt.