Who are we and Why us ?

We are a reunion of different ideals and companies, running tours in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Belarus, North Korea and Central Asia.

Our 10 years experience can bring you safely into borders of unrecognized countries or to explore radioactive zones.

The operation it’s mostly organized by foreigners interested in history, culture and soviet era regions, presenting you tours that are difficult to manage, but with a western mind set and contact, helping you to relax¬† and understand when things doesn’t go like planned – and trust us, many things goes weird once living in those territories.

Do we love Soviet Union ? Not really… we are not fanatics or want communism back in place, however it’s achievements and all the zone once covered by former Soviet Union acquired a huge amount of monuments and relics that are impressive to visit and imagine how it is still significant. People from such – considered poor regions – kept their proud and power to keep going no matter the problems.

Any former soviet country has a different aura and hope, not so present in the western minded world, they are re-shaping their proud with their original country names and probably having a great so unexpected future, independent.