2 Days Group Tour

Two Days Group Tours to Chernobyl and Pripyat: Get extended time at the zone, visit more places and get into buildings No big buses: up
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Combo: Tank & Shooting Range

Get an over 15% discount combining 2 activities in 1 day. A full day with tank drive, shooting range, drinks and meals organized. We have

Day Group Tour

Our Group Day tours to Chernobyl and Pripyat are different than the others The price depends on how much in advance you book. Do it
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Flight: Helicopter in Kyiv

Take a panoramic flight over Kyiv, Corruption Palace or Chernobyl. Price for a full helicopter, up to 3 persons.

Missile Forces Museum

Step in America's most feared nuclear missile base from Soviet Union. Transformed into a museum, the base is a landmark of the cold war era.

Private Tours

We proudly offer private tours with selected guides, taking you door-to-door and bringing you into a deeper jounery in the Exclusion Zone. The tours can
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Stalin Defense Line

Visit remains of the WW2 soviet trenches. Artillery bunkers and real artifacts on a half day tour. Group discounts.

Stunt Flight YAK52

An amazing experience flying the famous YAK52 trainer plane. The pilot will take you up to G5, spinning, looping, fast turns and ground low flights
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Drive a Tank in Kiev - sovietwonders
Combo Deals!

Tank Driving

Ukraine is known for being one of the main tank producers during Soviet Union. Take the chance and have a ride alongside with a professional