Our Group Day tours to Chernobyl and Pripyat are different than the others.

No big buses, up to 20 persons. We choose the guides and the partner operators when we can’t run ourselves.
We depart from convenient spots in the city center, near metro.

The price depends on how much in advance you book. Last minute booking for €133.
All tours includes food !

Book 10 days ahead to avoid disappointment or extra charges !

Please read our FAQ (terms of service): https://www.sovietwonders.com/faq

A safe excursion into Pripyat with knowledgeable guides and the best deal. If you are a group of 3+ persons, check our Private Day Tour options or 2 Days Tours to Chernobyl, they have the best market value !

DEPARTURE Kiev – Meeting Point 07:30/07:45AM
RETURN Kiev – Meeting Point 07:00PM
DURATION Full Day – tour inside the zone takes about 5 hours
WEAR Long pants, long sleeve, covered shoes (no sandals).
PRICING Normal Price: €88 (3+ persons: €85) – INCLUDES FOOD
Last minute Bookings (Next day tour*): €133 (group of 3+ persons: €128) – INCLUDES FOOD
* when booked until 4PM Day before – Check also our Special Chernobyl Tours, with small groups and more tailored routes.PLEASE SEND US A GOOD QUALITY SCAN (PHOTO) OF YOUR PASSPORT AFTER CHECKOUT, WE NEED IT TO REGISTER YOUR TOUR !
Bookings more than 2 months in advance might suffer price adjustments.

** Due to recent changes at the zone regulation, visiting buildings inside Pirpyat and a few areas became forbid and if it happens, consider it as a bonus as it risks guidance permits.

You will see places like:

  • Duga Radar Antena
  • New confinement Structure above Reactor 4
  • View to unfinished Reactors
  • Pripyat Amusement Park and Ferris Wheel
  • Palace of Culture
  • Drive Pass Abandoned Villages
  • Drive by Red Forest
  • Pripyat City Entry Sign
  • Chernobyl City Entry Sign
  • Cafe Pripyat
  • Super Market
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Kindergarden
  • All depends on the group pace and eventual day restrictions

You will get an idea of the magnitude of problems caused by the explosion of the reactor, how people’s lives were affected, and witness remains of the propaganda era.



You should be at the designated meeting point received on your e-mail address


Departure to Chernobyl


We do a quick stop at the gas station for to buy water, use WC and get some snack


At the 1st entrance to the exclusion zone we get our passports checked and confirmation that your names are in the list. Don’t forget your passport !


Our car reach Duga 3 Radar complex and you will walk around that gigantic construction, visiting the control center and see all the equipment left behind


We drive along Chernobyl workers town in direction of Reactor Nr 4, where you will see with the help of our Geiger counter the changes in the radiation, getting very high for a few seconds when crossing the forest and close to the reactor


Parking place is Pripyat main square, where we go for a walk around the Culture and Sports Center, Polissya Hotel, visiting the swimming pool and walking towards the giant wheel and the never inaugurated amusement park


We drive a bit along what once were roads and now became hard to recognize as the nature is taking over the city, arriving at the kinder-garden, school blocks and a walk upstairs apartment blocks, giving you a full view of Pripyat Town with the reactor Nr4 and the work with the new dome that will cover the old sarcophagus on the 2nd half of 2017 


1st radiation contamination check. You arrive at the workers restaurant you will have a nice home made meal prepared in Chernobyl !


2nd radiation check and crossing the last gates to get the way back to Kiev around 19:00

Payments are in cash, credit card (4% surcharge), crypto-currency or S.W.I.F.T. You can pay a day earlier at our office or at the meeting point, however we don’t recommend not to create delays on the departure time.

If you are booking 3+ persons we offer a $3 discount per person, updated at the cart during checkout.

Bookings in 3 or less days: $149 Bookings on 4 or more days: $99
3+ persons $3 OFF 3+ persons $4 OFF
Food: INCLUDED Geiger Counter $10

* Includes registration Fees, Transportation Meeting Point – Exclusion Zone – Meeting Point, English speaking guide and lunch.