Take an excursion into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, beyond the regular group tours, spending a night and exploring more areas and villages affected by the accident.

No matter the time of the year, you will be able to extend the walks in Pripyat town, some other areas in Chernobyl Industrial town – where the reactors were built – and villages around the site.

Visit the so called secret radar Duga and understand how bad managed Soviet Union expenses and projects could be, that alongside Chernobyl, bent the regime towards a collapse.

The tour includes 4 meals (2 lunch, 1 dinner and 1 breakfast), accommodation at the zone (it’s simple, but come on ! It’s Chernobyl), guide and transportation. Also it’s a door to door service and Minimum of 2 persons to run the tour. We have a maximum 7 persons per car on this tour, each with a different guide, making it easier and more efficient to move around.

Our private tours to Chernobyl offer door to door service and lunch. Soviet Wonders offers a Complimentary Airport Pickup for any Reservation of 3+ persons. There will be a driver waiting for you with a sign and will take you to your accommodation when you arrive to Kiev.

The best valued 2 days tour available, we cover the competition, just contact us !

Please read our FAQ (it contains terms of service): https://www.sovietwonders.com/faq/

DEPARTURE Kiev – 08:00AM Accommodation Pickup
RETURN Kiev – Next day Accommodation drop off 07:00PM
DURATION 2 Full days – 35 hours into Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
WEAR Long pants, long sleevele shirt, covered shoes (no sandals).
English Speaking Guide 4 Meals Governamental Permits
Transportation Accommodation
Snacks Breakfast 1st day Drinks at Hotel Bar
PRICING 1 Person Private: €470, Make your group or join ours from 2 persons, starting at €300 and lower (Read Pricing . Last minute (less than 4 working days) registrations suffer a surcharge of 40EUR/person.

Discount for group bookings !

Geiger Counters: €10

* Due to recent changes at the zone regulation, visiting buildings inside Pirpyat and a few areas became forbid and if it happens, consider it as a bonus as it risks guidance permits.

A truly unique tour in Ukraine, built on smaller groups to give a more intimate and detailed Chernobyl exploration as well as plenty of opportunities for photography.

The tour visits the exclusion zone, including Chernobyl (industrial area), Pripyat (the main residential town), and other villages. The guide takes you to check out one of the biggest radars from the cold war: Duga 3, “The Russian Woodpecker”. You then take a walk in Pripyat, visiting an amusement park that was never officially opened,  a local school, kindergarten, apartment blocks that were quickly evacuated, sports complex (swimming pool), and the reactor No.4 sarcophagus.

Like our 1 day tour, you will go around Pripyat like a local visiting all available services, like the Music School, the Cinema, Ecological Laboratory, Hospital, Cafe, Super-Market, Post Office, Police Station, villages next to Duga and the Reactor No.5 & 6 Cooling Tower. (Some of the places might not be available, but there is always a different one to check).

No other company offers this type of tour for such a low price. You will have 1 night accommodation at one of the hotels of the exclusion zone, sharing a room with a friend or another member of the group, and starting the next day’s sightseeing as early as possible, usually at 09:00AM.



You will be picked at your accommodation


We do a quick stop at the gas station for to buy water, use WC and get some snack


At the 1st entrance to the exclusion zone we get our passports checked and confirmation that your names are in the list. Don’t forget your passport !


Our car reach Duga 3 Radar complex and you will walk around that gigantic construction, visiting the control center and see all the equipment left behind


We drive along Chernobyl workers town in direction of Reactor Nr 4, already covered with the new sarcophagus


Parking place is Pripyat main square, where we go for a walk around the Culture and Sports Center, Polissya Hotel, visiting the swimming pool and walking towards the giant wheel and the never inaugurated amusement park


We drive a bit along what once were roads and now became hard to recognize as the nature is taking over the city, arriving at the kinder-garden, school blocks and a walk upstairs apartment blocks, giving you a full view of Pripyat Town with the reactor Nr4 and the work with the new dome that will cover the old sarcophagus on the 2nd half of 2017 


Pause for lunch ! (Included in service)


Back to Pripyat for more exploration


1st radiation contamination check. You arrive at the workers restaurant you will have a nice home made meal (included) prepared in Chernobyl !


You are free to stay at the cafe until 21:00, than time to sleep !


Breakfast (included)


Driving to Pripyat and Reactor 5 area


Supermarket, Cafe Pripyat, Apartment block

Visit a Reactor

OPTIONAL (extra cost and depending on availability) – visit inside an RBMK reactor $120


The second day gives you a lot of freedom to explore more of Pripyat, factories, Duga and other areas


You will have lunch again at the zone and be back in Kiev around 19:00

Payments are in cash. Our prices are per person and can be adapted with larger group bookings.

Also reservations for Private Tours with 3+ persons have a Complimentary Borispol or Zhuliany Airport Pickup.

1 person €470 2 persons €300
3 persons €250 4 persons €250
5/6 persons €220 7 persons €215

*Includes Registration Fees, Transportation, English Speaking Guide, 1 night Accommodation Shared Twin Room and Meals at the Zone (2 Lunch, 1 Dinner & 1 breakfast).

Cancellations can be made up to 5 days before the tour and are dealt with a 40% charge that can be paid via Paypal, S.W.I.F.T. or Cash in Ukraine.

If you are a group larger than 6 persons, inquire and we will give you the best offer in town.