Enjoy the city top views. You can fly along the Dnipro River, see the churches and landmarks, bridges and add Mezhihyria (Yanukovitch’s house, the overthrown president during 2013/2014 revolution).

The advertised price represents a fly over Kyiv, read bellow for the other flying options. You can fly over Chernobyl and Pripyat as well, just place an order and we get in touch!

DEPARTURE Kiev (best before 12:00PM – noon)
DURATION Tour depends 30-95 minutes
1 PAX 2 PAX 3 Pax
Bigger Kyiv + Mezhihyria: 45mins 715 EUR 400EUR 270EUR
Kyiv + Mezhihyria: 30mins 545EUR 315EUR 210EUR
Chernobyl Zone: 95mins 1035EUR 580EUR 385EUR
WEAR Comfortable clothing.
Flight ticket over selected zone R-44 Heli

Once we confirm the availability you will be requested for a payment and receive the instructions of which HeliPort you will have to be and what time.

Please keep in mind that the tour runs only in good weather conditions!

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