Take a trip to the Museum of Missile Forces.

In the 1990’s after signing a treaty between Ukraine, USA & Russia, all nuclear missile silos, warheads and nuclear weapons in Ukraine were dismantled, also deactivating any sort of intercontinental and long range missile launchers.

You will join a trip to one of the most feared bases by the American government, where launching trucks, trains and an SS-24 rocket silo, which was capable of traveling 11.000 kilometers. The museum sits on top of the original base prepared to keep 45 days self sustained with 3 persons living 45 meters underground, protected from any attack. You will be able to see all the facilities and take the lift down to the control center.

DEPARTURE Kiev – 07-9:30AM
ARRIVAL Kiev – 07-08:00PM
DURATION Tour takes the whole day, it’s located about 300km from Kiev
PRICING Prices displayed here are for a private and group tour

If you choose group tour, price and date might be different, but we will be in touch quickly to inform any changes.

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Transportation (car OR mini-bus) Any required fee

At the museum site you will see real deactivated intercontinental missiles and other long range rockets. The museum screens a little documentary from USSR about the Satan (SS-18) missiles and what would be a nuclear war.

Engines, cooling and air filtering room, long corridors leading you to the secret elevator where you will go 15 levels underground (45 meters) and access the living space of those that would be ready to push the red button and annihilate half the planet.

This is a very unique museum in the world, considering you can enter almost anywhere and you will understand how they were hiding from the spy satellites.

Addition: Ride a WW2 Soviet Tank, a soviet IS-2. Inquire us !



Pickup at your accommodation.


The nuclear missile complex is located about 270km from Kiev, taking a bit smaller roads, what is time consuming, however we will have a stop for lunch.


Arriving at the museum you will see an exhibition of engines, rockets and other apparel used by that and other bases. A conference room became transformed into a small cinema, presenting a video about cold war and the nuclear era. After that, a walk showing where Ukraine had their 27 silos and different computers and radars used by those control centers.

Silo & Trucks

The external area has a giant SS24 Scalpel missile, 23 meters long, capable of crossing 11.000km and carrying 10 ogives (warheads) and  the trucks used to transport and operate them as much as the silo that it’s empty now.

Push the Button

After the outdoor visit, we take the tunnels that goes underground and reach the lift that can carry up to 10 persons and bring 45 meters underground, where you will visit the tiny dormitory and computer room where 2-3 men would share the space and communicate directly with the generals to receive the code sequence and push the button !

Return to Kiev

We would spend between 3-4 hours at the museum, taking the road back and eat the lunch prepared by us.
Strategic Missile Forces Museum Tour with Soviet Wonders

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