Get extra knowledge about firearms handling and safety, using the legendary Kalashnikov and it’s variants.

Different than other European countries, it’s not required to obtain special permits to handle firearms. You will be supervised by a highly trained instructor that will make you feel relaxed and let you have fun.


3-4 hours activity depending on the traffic. We run with a minimum 2 persons and offer price reduction for every new client joining the tour.

10 SHOTS ON EACH. Regular guns: AK-74 Kalashnikov, SKS Sniper Rifle, SVD (sometimes), Cal. 12 Pump Shotgun, Makarov Pistol, Fort 21 Pistol, HK, CZ 75 and Glock17 + 30 extra shots on your favorite gun.

100 bullets 10 X AK-74 10 X Pump Shotgun
10 X SKS / SVD 10 X Glock17 10 X HK
10 X Makarov 30 X Choice 10 X AKSU

Once you book online, we will confirm the availability with the range and the pickup point.

Discounts on 3+ persons. Add to Cart to Discover!

DEPARTURE Agreed Meeting Point
RETURN Kiev – Anywhere city center
DURATION Aprox 3 hours – from 10AM-8PM
WEAR Comfortable clothes. It might be outdoor or indoor, depending on availability
English Speaking Guide Guns Rental Bullets
Transportation (car or mini-bus) Targets Instructor
PRICING Based on the amount of people. More than 3 persons, you can get up to $30 discount.

No previous experience needed.

Extra ammo at 15$USD for each 10 bullets

Other Gun options (upon availability and extra order): M4, Tavor Rifle, Fort Pistols (Fort 21, Gran Power, Fort 9), Tokarev, RPK, PPSH
All guns in: Extra 15USD
Long Distance Range (100meters): 20USD

Other packages
50 bullets 10 X AKSU 10 X Pump Shotgun
10 X AK74 10 X Glock 17 10 X Makarov


100 bullets 10 X AK-74 10 X Pump Shotgun
10 X SKS / SVD 10 X Glock17 10 X CZ 75
10 X Makarov 30 X Choice 10 X AKSU
50 bullets 10 X AK-74 10 X Pump Shotgun
10 X SKS 10 X Glock17 10 X Tavor
25 bullets 10 X AK-12 10 X Pistol
5 X Pump Shotgun    

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review

The shooting at the range was great. I got to fire a pistol, kalashnikov and pump action shotgun. There was a bit of driving around since it depends on the day where you can shoot but our guide kept us well informed the whole time.

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