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Join a real gun range which you can fire up to 30 different guns. You will be instructed by professionals at a range lenght from 15-100 meters and get to know feel the differences on handling pistol, rifle, revolver or shotgun.

Make a group with 3 or more persons and depending on the pack, you can get up to 20EUR discount per person. If we have requests on the same date everyone get a lower price!

We prepared 3 different packs that offers you a basic feeling of handling a pistol, rifle and shotgun to handling a powerful long range AR15, historical guns, soviet underground or a famous Magnum revolver.

30 shots (min. 2 persons) Glock 17, Hatsan or Colt Pump shotgun, AK47
50 shots (min. 2 persons) Glock 17, Pump shotgun, AK, M4, SteyrAUG
100 shots Glock 17, Pump shotgun, AK, M4, AR15, Historical gun (SKS, Moussin, PPS or Scorpion), Magum + 30 shots to choose
DURATION from 3 hours. Latest departure from Kyiv: 16:00
Instructor Gun Rental
NOT INCLUDED Extra Requests

Please keep in mind weapons are due to availability as they can be on maintenance or unavailable for us at the moment we arrive.

It’s allowed to bring teenagers from 15 years old.



We agree on a departure time, if we have more requests, we group everyone and offer a discount.
  • Departure will be from Kyiv city center.
  • In case of heavy traffic or road changes, we might request to collect you near a metro station.
  • The transportation would be by car or mini-coach
  • It’s recommended to have a passport on you.


The ranges are located outside Kyiv, but depending on the day we use different ones.


Depends on amount of people and shots, but we calculate around 3 hours for groups up to 5 persons.

We offer discounts on group bookings or in case we have multiple requests on the same day/time. If you have a bigger group than 5 persons, get in touch via email for a quote. We have unbeatable offers.


1 persons: 145EUR/person
2 persons: 110EUR
3 persons: 100EUR
4 persons: 85EUR
5 persons: 80EUR


1 person: 170EUR
2 persons: 130EUR
3 persons: 120EUR
4 persons: 105EUR
5 persons: 100EUR


1 person: 230EUR
2 persons: 195EUR
3 persons: 170EUR
4 persons: 160EUR
5 persons: 145EUR

AK-47 firing at gun range kyiv - sovietwonders

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review
August 21, 2015

I had a wonderful time during the trip. The guide explained very well positioning and differences on how to handle the guns!

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