Take your stag party (bachelor party) to a different level. You and your friends can enjoy a full day activity with tank drive, shooting range, drinks and meals all organized, plus you have more than 15% discount.

We offer 3 tank types, all APC models. You can pick a BRDM (4 wheels), BTR (8 wheels) or a tracked GTMU special armored vehicle. Each with different driving technique.

Both activities are near Kiev, however they are not in the same place. Shooting Range Experience Includes 10 shots on 3 different gun types (Pistol, AK74 and Pump Shotgun)

DEPARTURE Your accommodation
RETURN To a bar, having dinner, shots and drinks. If desired we start a pub crawl.
DURATION Aprox 7 hours – departing up to 10 AM
WEAR Comfortable clothes. It’s outdoor and you can get dirty
English Speaking Guide Tank Rental Guns Rental
Transportation (car or mini-bus) Drinks & Dinner Instructor
PRICING Based on the amount of people. Min. 3 persons


1 person – 360
2 persons – 290 / person
3 persons – 225 / person
4 persons – 215 / person
5 persons – 180 / person
6+ persons inquire by email !

Take that unique experience and bring things to be crashed !
Runs all year round.

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