Ukraine is known for being one of the main tank producers during Soviet Union. Take the chance we have some of them here and have a ride alongside with a professional tank driver and after that try driving it yourself !

We offer 3 tank types, all APC models. You can pick a BRDM (4 wheels), BTR (8 wheels) or a tracked GTMU special armored vehicle. Each with different driving technique.

DEPARTURE Your accommodation
RETURN Wherever you prefer
DURATION Aprox 4,5 hours – departing up to 12 (noon)
WEAR Comfortable clothes. It’s outdoor and you can get dirty
English Speaking Guide Tank Rental
Transportation (car or mini-bus) Drinks Instructor
PRICING Based on the amount of people.
1 person – €250
2 persons – 195
3 persons – 180
4 persons – 160
5 persons – 145
6+ – inquire !

Take that unique experience and bring things to be crashed !
Runs all year round.

EXTRA: €625 and crash a Lada !