Ukraine is known for being one of the main tank producers during Soviet Union. Take the chance and have a ride alongside with a professional tank driver and after that try driving it yourself !

We offer 3 tank types, all APC models. You can pick a BRDM (4 wheels), BTR (8 wheels) or a tracked GTMU special armored vehicle. Each with different driving technique.

The BRDM it’s the most available one, and you can even try it’s amphibious capability !

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Agreed meeting point or from door to door
DEPARTURE TIME We can do it until 4PM
Transportation Tank Rental

In order to drive the tank you should have a drive license and preferably to have experience using clutch gearbox.

It takes about 3-4 hours and you will feel shaking like a proper soldier !

Check the combination with shooting range and get great discounts! It’s perfect for a group of friends.



We agree on a meeting point.
  • Departure from City center or metro station
  • Transportation by car or mini-coach
  • We should leave before 3-4PM
  • Takes from 40-80 minutes to the tank field
  • Please be ready for the possibility of getting dirty or wet on your clothes 🙂

The ride

The tankist will drive thru the woods or a circuits, you will be able to see what an 8-12ton APC can do, after a while you might be offered to drive as if everyone feels comfortable.


Depending on location and vehicle, we might join a pond for a quick water ride.


Leaving the tank field we can grab a few beers or even join a shooting range if you decide.

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August 21, 2015

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