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Two Days Group Tours to Chernobyl and Pripyat:

  • Get extended time at the zone, visit more places and get into buildings
  • No big buses: up to 20 persons
  • We choose the guides
  • If we don’t have a group on your chosen date, we add to selected partners
  • We run almost everyday, but book 6+ days in advance to guarantee lower price
  • Departing point from convenient spots in the city, just near metro stations
  • Food it’s included: 2 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast
  • All tours are english speaking

The price depends on how much in advance you book. Do it in advance and avoid €50 surcharge.

Note that due to covid-19 we have much less groups and the chosen dates might not have enough persons to form a group.

Please read our FAQ (terms of service): https://www.sovietwonders.com/faq

All excursion into Pripyat are safe when with knowledgeable guides.
If you are booking in advance with friends, check the Private Day Tour options, it can give a better tailored experience for you all

DEPARTURE Kiev – Meeting Point 07:30/07:45AM
RETURN Kiev – Meeting Point 06:00PM (+1 day)
DURATION Full 2 Days
WEAR Long pants, long sleeve, covered shoes (no sandals).
PRICING Normal Price: €245
Last minute Bookings (Next day tour): €300*
* Should be booked a day before, until 4PM

** Due to recent changes at the zone regulation, visiting buildings inside Pirpyat and a few areas became forbid and if it happens, consider it as a bonus as it risks guidance permits.

The tour might visit self settlers, but specially you get a deeper view of the city and more details about the zone. It’s perfect for those interested in photography.


Departure: 07:30AM

You will receive the meeting point a few days before the tour. There you will be able to see a mini-bus up to 20 persons.
  • Departure will be from Kyiv city center.
  • In case you can’t find, please call our number or the one designated at the meeting point e-mail information.
  • Don’t be late, it disturbs other persons trip.
  • Remember to take your passport and be with the proper dress-code.
  • On the way to Chernobyl you will stop at a gas station
  • The 1st allowed time to cross Chernobyl check-point is 10:30AM


The guide in charge decides the route order, trying to avoid the other groups at the zone.


Exclusion zone and Pripyat are not just an abandoned city, it’s a place which few died to contain one of the biggest catastrophes existant in the world. However the contamination we enforce it’s not a deal, following the guide close presents a better look at the facts and preserve his hard to get license, that’s why he most probably wouldn’t break the rule of entering buildings, if he does it’s his own choice and thanks her/him for that.


Our tours includes food, if you are vegetarian or vegan, inform the guide when hopping the car, but understand that food comes from outside and it’s simple, if you have any preferences or restrictions, bring a snack along and don’t forget a water bottle, you will walk.

2nd Day

The main difference on that tour is that since you are already inside the zone, you can start moving around from 9AM, as any visitors can only cross the 1st Checkpoint at 10-10:30, with the drive and already seen places, you have a deeper experience, with added 2 hours for the beginning of the day and extra time on the 1st day, not needing to leave at 4PM from Pripyat as most day tours does. The route can be discussed with the guide that will purpose different directions to take. Keep in mind that the self settlers might not be available or interested on receiving visitors every day, so please respect their will.


Traffic can be intense arriving back to Kyiv, if you had a train or flight scheduled, check the time and possibility to catch it after the tour, most probably arriving between 18:30-19:00 o’clock. The day probably you feel was long, a lot of walk and we hope you enjoyed and get a good rest.


Remember if you combine activities we offer a 10EUR discount on few of them, just write us.
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Two Days tour to chernobyl - Soviet Wonders

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