As World War II advanced to the east, Stalin’s engineers created a fortified region of artillery positions in 1928, prepared with machine guns and heavier weapons. However, technology developed drastically and those objects, now left in the woods, were not yet prepared for the new tanks and their destructive capacity.


* That tour is under consult due to recent bunker flooding. We need to confirm possibility and price.


DEPARTURE Kiev (best before 12:00PM – noon)
DURATION Tour takes about 4 hours depending on traffic
PRICING 1 person = $80 / 2 persons = $60 / 3 persons = $50 / 4+ persons = $40
* Prices per person
* Book online and choose cash on arrival
* Add to cart more than 1 person and price will be updated
WEAR Comfortable clothing, shoes you don’t mind getting a bit dirty, hat on summer days, light coat during fall/spring.
English Speaking Guide Lunch Box (sandwich + drink)
Transportation (car OR mini-coach) Any required fee

You will visit the remains of those pillboxes, some re-built to present the conditions, in which those soviet heroes fought and succumbed to the Nazi army. Some of the bunkers are abandoned, making you go through the woods, stepping on wet grounds, bringing your lantern as a guide. Others are made into a museum with pieces collected around, like helmets, grenades, bullet shells and more.

As an option, you can decide to be dropped off by the World War II Memorial Park and Rodina Mat, the motherland statue, one of the biggest in the world.



Pickup at agreed place and drive about 40 minutes to Kiev outskirts.


We will arrive at the first bunker, transformed in a museum, where you will see objects found underground, presence signs of the destruction caused by the Nazi attack and how the bunker was operated by the soldiers


As we move to the next bunker, you will understand how they were controlled from distance and have their importance as defense between themselves, arriving at a bigger one, the control bunker with the main view of the battlefield.


We leave riding along the woods and you will see several ruins and remains of what was an intense conflict and be able to stop and check some of them, many still kept as memorials from those that lost their relatives in the war, always keeping flowers around.


Driving and eating our lunch we will visit the only bunker built on pure thick metal, two levels, next to a monument to remember the story of those brave soldiers that decided not to surrender even after running off of ammunition


Finally we arrive to the final bunker, nowadays in a water reservoir, you can swim or go by raft to check the surprise inside…a soviet bunker built with German material !

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