If you are planning on visiting Kiev, you are in the right place !

We are specialized in Ukraine and bellow you can check the best offers for you !

starts in kiev


3 Days Tour in Chernobyl

Great Photographic tour tailored for 3 days.

Tank Ride

Ride & learn to drive a Tank !

2 Days Tour in Chernobyl

36 hours in Chernobyl. Best Valued Tour Available !
Group Deals !

Private 1 Day in Chernobyl

Tailored 1-day tour in Chernobyl ! Group Deals.
Group Deals !

Stalin Defense Line

Explore artillery bunkers from World War II
Group Deals !

Shooting Range - HERO 50 shots

Initial pack with 50 bullets and 5 different guns

Missile Forces Base

The only nuclear silo available for visitors.