Visiting the inside of a Reactor

Chernobyl was an industrial town prepared to generate nuclear power to serve Ukraine, Belarus and Russia and until 1986 having 4 complete operational reactors, but already preparing another 2 more advanced to maybe substitute the unstable RBMK models previously created.

The project was made in Russia and was very unique, however extremely unstable and dangerous, since many of those reactors uses plutonium as main combustible.

In April 1986 the lack of control and awareness about this model created the worst nuclear accident in the World after the explosion of the Reactor Nr4, changing millions of lives.

Years after the accident, still Ukraine kept the power plants operating and producing energy, however after external influence and negotiations, the last Reactor was shutdown and all radioactive cells were removed, leaving those reactors as a mere object of study.

Soviet Wonders has private tours, that upon request, we can add a reactor visit that takes about 1 hour inside those RBMK models. Another unique experience to sum over your chernobyl tour !